Sufficient Grace

Lately I’ve been going through a season in my life where I’m tested in my thinking and my ability to rise to the occasion and press on through my issues and emotional turmoil. I’m tested to fold or move forward, confident not in my ability, but in God’s ability to work through me.

A season of redefining grace, in short.

I’ve realized that this time in my life, is necessary. Even though the enemy is reminding me of how much I’m under qualified to move from where I am to where I am called to be. Even though I feel like I must be misinterpreting God’s whispers. Even though fear is trying to swallow up my faith. Even though these things weigh me down and discourage me, I am reminded that I am perfectly equipped because of God’s grace.

I’m reminded that his strength works best in my weakness. I’m reminded when flesh overcomes because of the spirit-this is what God waits for, so he can show up and show out your fears and the enemy alike.

Never would I understand the immense depths of his grace if I faced no challenges that went beyond my assessed ability. If I stayed comfortable and didn’t interpret those whispers at all-I would never understand how equipped I really am for the things I’m called to do. If I didn’t go through these growth pains, I’d never realize how boundless his grace really is and how it can show out any lack, or shortness and extend itself to be enough.

I don’t have to be enough.

It’s humbling and it also places all else in perspective to know that right here, right now in my life my focus shouldn’t be on my strength, but my focus should be on God, thanking him in advance for the grace that is going to holster the decisions and moves I am going to have to make.

God’s grace is sufficient. I’ve heard this time and time again in my 12 years of building a relationship with him and I am starting to see that I don’t really understand his grace until I’m positioned to understand-until I am pushed to the next level-each level brings forth a deeper understanding of God’s grace.

That’s when giants in my life shrink. That’s when I hear God and instead of hiding in fear at the call, I boldly step forward, in freedom equipped with his fighting force-grace. It’s overwhelmingly invigorating, yet peaceful knowing it’s all about answering-not about my ability.

What is God calling you to do today? What’s holding you back from answering him and moving in that direction? Speak life and his living word over your situation. Hold God accountable to his promises. He is there to fulfill each one, but it takes natural steps to ignite the super natural. I encourage you to also escape the comfort zone-stop meddling with thoughts and lies provided by the enemy-and let God’s grace be the extension between your ability and your assignments here.

Each time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.
2 Corinthians 12 9-8

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