Being Humbled by Ungratefulness

I struggled with being ungrateful for many years. By no means did I grow up in a wholesome home where things were on point and set up for my success. However what I did have going for me, I took for granted. This goes for actual possessions and people alike.

I didn’t see that then but I see that now.

When good things happened to me, it’s almost like I thought they were supposed to happen that way- I took my blessings for granted and when trouble did strike-I never really thought how it wasn’t by my strength but by God’s grace I got through them. I thought for sure I was just stronger, better-more equipped for life then those who broke under its demands. Until I cracked under the pressure.

This song reminds me of how great God is and how this life is just a skimming off the top of eternity. It reminds me that the weight and the blessings and the storms in this life are really nothing in the hands of God. And not because I am marveling gem to the world-but because of his undying love for me and his inexhaustible grace in my life.

I literally lost everything tangible and broke off some great people in my life. When I did though, I was able to express genuine gratefulness and I quit taking things in my life for granted as I started to gain them back. With this came a whole new chapter in my life. My perspective completely shifted. I no longer found my value in those things around me, like my job or car or bank account, but by the DNA in my blood-being apart of the royal lineage of Jesus. I took on a whole new identity and I finally realized what it meant to believe in something “bigger than yourself”.  I started defining myself through the pursuit God pursued to get my attention and shift my perspective. Sometimes I find myself asking myself, “who am I” when I have to be reminded my body and the things of this earth will quickly die out and can ripped from beneath me. However God is cutting me an eternal deal and through all the bargaining I do, I’m worth it and I’m winning. Not because of what I am, but because of who He is.

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