Depression is nothing new to me or maybe even to those reading this. I’ve come across several people who believe you can just shake off depression. And because I believe in God, depression shouldn’t be such a struggle.

Yet I’m still human. Having this human experience. And depression has been a prominent one.

My depression overcomes me in bouts. I just got out of one that lasted maybe a week. It is completely debilitating. I’m not talking waking up and moping around. I’m talking about waking up and not wanting to even get out of bed. Not because I’m tired and not because I’m lazy, but my mind just can’t touch reality-all I can literally do is depress.

So what happens when depression falls on me? To be honest, I don’t think people who know me would recognize me when I fall into my depression. I don’t brush my hair. Well that’s nothing, I force myself to shower. I will go days without brushing my teeth. I perpetually eat. I cancel all plans. I sleep. And sleep and sleep.

I get nothing done. I let the dishes pile. I avoid people at all costs. All while not being productive. Depression is such a set back in life. I think I’m great and I believe I am made to do exceedingly excellent things, and I can be in that stride but hey once that depression creeps I am a completely different person.

I do believe if you are prone to depression, you have to try harder to get through life. That’s if you want to. I know people who sit in their depression and have been for years and don’t fight for themselves. I refuse to be one of those people. So here are some things I do when I start experiencing the first signs of a debilitating depression bout:

1. Prayer- seriously before getting out of bed just whisper for God to help you through the day, moment by moment. He will

2. Don’t isolate yourself- I isolate myself when I go through my depression. Do not do this. It takes you away from anything or anyone that can speak life into you and help you through. Also it enables you to stay in your depression

3. Stay away from drugs/drinking- depression might drive you to drink but in reality you are just playing with your mind because you’re soothing your depression with some whiskey but really you are teeter tottering your emotional state after you sober up, only prolonging your depression

4. Talk to someone- call someone who is uplifting and you trust and just tell them what you are going through. Encouraging words go a long way

5. Exercise-in some capacity get out of the house, walk, or do a quick work out in your living room

6. Pick something small to do and do it-even if the goal you pick for the day is to clean the toaster…focus on that toaster and getting it clean. This can also kick up your momentum to do another small task

7. Put on some music- sometimes blaring some good tunes can tune your mood

8. Ponder on one thing you’re grateful for. This will help shift your focus therefore your mindset

Sometimes I have to do several of these to get my mind right. Sometimes I have to do all of them and sometime I only have to do a couple. The point is that you have to want to be great. You have the power to not sit in depression but move away from it. It takes work and effort. Some people don’t go through depression for years others like myself, it’s several times a year. People like that-like me-we just have to work harder. And that’s okay.

But you have to want it.

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