Anger…a good thing.

angerAnger is more or less depicted with negativity. And in that light, there is some truth. Many times when we express anger, it is in an aggressive, uncontrolled manner and elicited once we feel as though we were purposefully wronged. Considering anger in this aspect, I was challenged to look at it in a different kind of light. Anger could possibly be a good thing.

When is it okay to get angry? Those who get angry, like myself, should we practice regulation of this emotion and try our best not to let it surface, but instead suppress it?

I want to say yes and no. I think anger is a normal emotion that is of the human nature and God allows us to experience and act upon it-he himself has the same tendency. However,  I do think we need to regulate what we get angry for. I also think that that fire I feel when I get angry can be cultivated into a propelling force to help address the source of my anger.

Injustice. Greed, wickedness, acts of hate, and unrighteousness-I want to say these are all things that deserve our anger. Furthermore, they also deserve our attention. Feeling that emotion should also prompt us to want to step up and do something to help the cause.


What gets you angry?




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