Hanging by the Moment

Where is your mind at most of the time? Where are you investing your awareness? What are you letting affect your current mood?

God wants us to live in the now. He purposefully did not place a rewind button on our lives. God knows we can’t go back in time and do things differently or prevent situations from occurring. Things that happened yesterday or even moments ago are lost causes and nothing can be done for them. We aren’t to be held captive to those things that have happened and we aren’t supposed to be letting the emotions that came with them, control our present situation. When we let our minds leave the present, we miss out on making it the best we can, giving it our all, and we divide and divert our attention to something we cannot change.

I have a hard time doing this myself. I find my mind wandering out of the now and into what has already transpired. Those occurrences we hold on to are also accompanied by emotion-most likely hurtful or negative-which is why we have a difficult time moving on from them and constantly revisit them. Too many times I’ve been somewhere planning to enjoy myself and my family or friends and I find my mind focused on what happened the day before. I find myself pecking at a problem I have to solve, but trying to neutralize the issue at the wrong time.

This is not how we were meant to live. We were made to enjoy life. Jesus promised life and promised it in abundance. He also says the enemy came to kill, steal and destroy-kill your soul, steal your joy, and destroy your spirit. When we give light to those things that we cannot change, we give the enemy the power and leeway to rob us of that life of fullness Jesus wants to give us. We were made to absorb the moment, embrace the people in the moment and deal with the emotions and situation contained in that moment, and kindly work through it all. Sometimes the emotion elicited is painful and I’m not suggesting it will never be, but what I am suggesting is that we have to learn when to deal with it-it is not meant to consume us and be at the forefront in all we do thereafter.

So when we find ourselves in today but our minds operating under what happened yesterday, let’s try to bring ourselves back. Let’s try to remember that thing we are doing deserves our undivided attention, and what is done is done.

The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life -John 10:10

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