the book i’m reading: unashamed

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in my recent attempts to work on my writing skill, i read in a blog that it is absolutely true that if you want to become a better writer, you have to be an avid reader as well.

so i took this advice because i am far from where i would like to be as far as skill, and i went ahead and started reading a book. the book is titled “unashamed” and it is written by christine caine.

the book so far seems to be a book mainly geared toward women, those seeking to strengthen their faith and looking to understand the power of letting go and turning to god.

caine discusses several different experiences that may leave a person with little faith and derailed from their focus. the experiences create a connection between caine and the reader because they are experiences many can relate to.

what can i say? this is a remarkable piece of writing in the christian community-a must read by christian women and women seeking faith. i want to highlight caines’s personal and professional ability to become transparent throughout her writing. though i am not done with the book, i want to start sharing some of the major growth points that caine was able to convey to me so far.

on previous posts, i have spoken on this topic-but shame was one things that i have really caught a true glimpse of while reading caine’s book. she shows her readers how shame causes a domino affect of emotions that then lead to actions. she shares stories from her own and other personal testimonies on how shame can take the power seat and drive your life into something you never wanted it to be. shame “schools” you as christine puts it. she helps you to find yourself on the journey of identifying shame, choosing to stop hiding behind it, and walk into your destiny, and the riveting good fight of faith.

she also puts an interesting twist in the book-interesting to me anyway. but all the times i have read about guilt in a christian context, i haven’t seen it be shone in a positive light. it has always been a negative thing. however in caine’s book she talks about guilt being a good thing in fact she describes it as “clueing us in to take responsibility for those wrong actions and run toward god, not away from him” (pg. 38). whereas on the contrary, shame is what causes us to run from god.

so she put emphasis on choosing to acknowledge the guilt so that is can be admitted which in your faith leads to confession so that healing can take place. total opposite direction and destination than shame.

i think this book is so great if you are in a dark place or you are experiencing turmoil from your past. caine meets her reader where they are and journeys with them…

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