we are in the midst of the wondrous holiday season…in fact today marks one of the most adored days during this time of the year-christmas!

and while we are supposed to highlight our blessings and be grateful for our loved ones right now, can i be honest and say, my holiday season sucks.

jesus is the reason for the season, but i would be lying if i told you i was totally content with this thought and i was happy because of it. however, i didn’t start this post to embed in my mind how miserable i am but to therapeutically write out why i shouldn’t focus on why it sucks, but instead adjust my focus.

my son is so amazing and blessedly, i do have him at my side today. it is so easy to focus on things that were said to me, and who is acting out…but when i see my kid and really tune into how trials of this year could have separated us, i am gratified.

though i feel wronged today, and i feel regretful at times for various reason, i do at the core of me have hope in jesus. i live for a god of justice who cares about me and my destiny. while people who do not know jesus may question their fate, i do not because of my relationship and fellowship with christ jesus. i know he has grand plans (jeremiah 29:11) and i know my god works all things together for my good (romans 28:8). i understand he is pushing me to grow into the best person i can be. this i know.

i hope you all have a great day. surround yourself with those you love and be a light to those you find it hard to show love to. i’m trying to do the same.

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