human nature: the shame reaper

we are given the gift of grace, but do we receive it?

we are offered instantaneous relief of our baggage, yet do we even know how to reach out and accept it? let’s be honest, that is not apart of our nature.

in my last post i addressed the fact that it is apart of being human to want to run and hide when our actions and thoughts are redirected by holy spirit. whether it is shame we are experiencing or the fact we do not feel “good” enough, these thoughts are not of god. god will never correct you in an unkind, unloving way.

at least i don’t think so.

instead, god created a supplement. a supplement we must be willing to acknowledge and use to battle that shameful feeling that rises up.

shame, meet grace.

grace meets you in your sin. grace is patient. it wants to help you, but just as any aide out there, you have to want it, we have to commit. as a human you don’t want to be told your thoughts and what you are doing is against god and you’re going to hell. when we hear these things again it is in our nature to tune that subject out and to run to what is familiar. unfortunately i think what we have gathered as familiar is being told, “you have to stop doing that before you can come to god”, “god doesn’t want me like this so i will just keep doing what i’m doing”,  “this is just how i was made”.

these are lies lies lie.

god wants you in your brokenness. yes, i am saying god wants you to whisper his name in your lust, in your addictions, in your sinful lifestyle. he wants you to turn to him in your dark times. and because he knows the nature of our thoughts, he created his grace which operates under love and true comfort, not shame and hindrance. his grace is welcoming and we can be still in it.

as you and i mess up, god is more concerned about how quickly we will redirect our attention back to him, not how many times we’re screwing up.

i’m not sure where we got this mind frame from-that to work with jesus, we have to be perfect. a well known example that proves this is the exact opposite of god’s expectation of us is found in luke.

i love this quick parable that jesus responds with when the pharissees asked jesus’ disciples “why do you eat and drink with such scum” (luke 5:30)

this “scum” were the sinners of judea. they were friends of levi later known as matthew. many of them were tax collectors and back then many tax collectors were known for cheating people out of their money. to put it plainly, these people were sinners.

these people were not just sinners, they were being called scum by other people! so it was believed that these people jesus kept company had more or worse sin than other people in the village.

yet jesus ate with them and drank with them. and in response to the bitter words retorting out of the pharisees, jesus replies “healthy people don’ need a doctor-sick people do. i have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners and need to repent” (luke 5:31).

sick people, jesus was talking about those sinners-the scum. he is also talking about you and i. the fact that you and i know we sin is what god is looking for. he has nothing good to give to the healthy-or those people who are still blind to their need for him.

jesus came to commune with you and i. even in our sin, he sits and waits patiently for us to repent. whether it is 3 times or 3 million times, that does not matter, what matters is we sit in his presence-bask in his grace.

i want to stop hiding from grace. i want to accept it and be around it especially when i am in the midst of sin. why? because that is why jesus came. we are human. we are going to fall short of perfect expectation, but in that gap, let grace be your extension to the light.





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