bible- breakable law

so as I am going through this journey of understanding my purpose here, I use the bible as my ultimate guideline to navigate life. this does not mean i follow it to a t, i wish i could. but the truth behind that is i’m human and if  i was able to follow it cover to cover that would put me in a category with God himself who inspires the scripture.

that is not me at all. instead i try to study it, and i try to study the characteristics of Jesus, hoping to be more like him. i don’t force change upon myself instead i work with God, being open and honest about all things, confessing my sin, and being thankful. still being human, remembering this life is a glimpse of eternity.

therefore you will see a lot of reference to scripture here. a lot of the decisions i make may have biblical backing.

i do not fully understand the ins and outs of the bible yet. part of my journey is to do this and then help others do this.


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